Firmware Engineer

Date: December 21, 2023 | Posted by: HR Department

As a Firmware Engineer for our esteemed medical device company, you will be developing the embedded software for the machines. Here’s a detailed overview of your key responsibilities and qualifications:

Key Qualifications – BE/Btech Electronics & Telecommunications

Key Responsibilities

  • Development of embedded software
  • Implement communication protocols
  • Solve system problems analytically and convert them to robust algorithms to help the team achieve product goals.
  • Prepare product reports and documentation
  • Team Management and training
  • Analyze and enhance the efficiency, stability, and scalability of system resources.
  • Manage Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan while complying with applicable standards
  • Systems Engineering awareness on multi-discipline teams (HW/FW/GUI/ Mechanical) interfacing for integrated product development with viable technologies

Technical Skills

  • Experience with 32-bit ARM cortex microcontrollers, preferably STM32 series
  • Have hands-on in analog and digital interfacing, and Real-time operating systems.
  • Interfacing communication protocols (I2C, SPI, UART, USB, etc.)
  • Experience working with ARM-based toolchains, and ARM debuggers
  • Hands-on experience with ARM debuggers/programmers/SWD/JTAG debugging/Logic Analyzers/Protocol Analyzers
  • Working knowledge of timers, PLLs, DMA, and various buses internal to MCUs
  • Development of secure boot/drivers
  • Implementation of communication protocols between interfaces and hardware subsystems
  • Experience in multi-threaded embedded, real-time applications and firmware components
  • Experience in Embedded Linux, and Github repository
  • Experience in building end-to-end products
  • Experience in developing control systems
  • Good documentation and communication skills, ability to adapt and learn new systems quickly.

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