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Your Friends, Relatives ,Neighbours do not have data of 387000 combinations of symptoms of your body , to suggest you the right specialist for your treatment of your disease , but We do

So try our unique Disease Diagnostic tool which helps you find out about your probable diseases by analyzing your symptoms and suggests right specialist for you.

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you may not find all your health related information at one place , but We do have

Check our Health A-Z which has all the information you need to know about your diseases and common problems and related Treatments and Medication

You may not be able to maintain, update or share your diagnostic reports and health records with your doctor from your home or anywhere but

Our advanced Personal Health Records helps you keep all your health records , health tracks , prescriptions , reports at one place lifelong . It gives your doctor the facility of remote monitoring for your extra care and also allows your loved one to check and maintain your records.Say bye bye to those bunch of files of reports and records

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You may not know what to do in emergency ,but We can suggest

Huge list of those emergency incidents in our First Aid to suggest you what to do for primary care in that condition

You may not find the right medicine for you , but We can provide all information you need

Check our Drug Database of more than 100000 drugs to help you get all information for your medicines including generic ,pricing , substitutes , side effects etc.

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you may be missing the latest health information , news or article , but We don't

Check latest health information , articles and health blogs at our Health Blogs to keep your self updated.