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Right Diagnosis

Whether trying to manage a chronic condition,cope with a serious illness, or improve health. First step towards any health issue is to diagnosing the symptoms, our diagnosis decides the right specialist, treatment and drugs for us.

And hence to help you diagnose your self better, we came up with a unique algorithm Disease Diagnostic Tool . Which helps you make right choice to select right specialist for you based on your gender, age and symptoms.

You can also upload all your Health Records which empowers you to not only store them but understand your tests in detail, indicates normal values of your data and also allows the same to be shared with your doctor to make him understand and analyze you better.

Now for your loved one's away from you , you can keep a track of there health as well by creating there Health Lines. Also you can get a doctor for your Health monitoring so that you can be in touch with him 24x7

Right Diseases

A right diagnosis may lead you to the right disease , but ever thought what happens when it does not .

Even what is the use of diagnosing yourself with any tool and maintaining all those health records if it does not leads you to the right specialist ,

And if you find one to know what to ask him still plays an important role.

Hence it is important to understand your condition once diagnosed, to fight it better. That is why we made a huge database where you can access all those information about common diseases and First Aids and we call it Health A-Z and First Aids.

With a large database about most common diseases. We give you facility to know everything about your diseases. including overview, symptoms, causes, treatment, diagnosis, preventions, Commonly used drugs and Specialist doctors who can help you manage this condition better.

Right Doctors

Still waiting on those long queues, missed your appointment, need a second opinion, popping a pill by your own or don't feel to consult for that small problem at all.

Let time, distance, ignorance, self medication or advise from a non medical source not become a source of medical error for you.

Search a right Doctor for you based on your symptoms on iDoctor. Also get facility to form a board of doctors and consult with them on a common platform to avoid multiple consultations.

And the amazing thing we have came up with is, you can opt for your own doctor or a online personal family doctor to be connected with you and your family 24X7, now instead of asking your friends or Pharmacist you can directly ask unlimited questions to doctor itself.

Right Drugs

After making all right choices your cure does not starts till medication, And definitely your Doctor is the best person person to suggest you the same . But what if he might not have noticed you are already consuming a drug or are pregnant and the suggested drug might create troubles for you.

Cost of your treatment involves a major portion in terms of medication. thats why government is also promoting Generic Medicines over the others. In such scenario to know the Generic Substitute, Prices, basic use, other substitutes, Safety informations etc. of a drug is necessary.

We call it Drugs A-Z to make you aware of all the above. For even doctors also to find a drug under a therapeutic category and ICD codes is a bit difficult task which we provide in a easily accessible platform.

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